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Hi! I’m Nate Dudek, a technologist based out of Connecticut specializing in software development and architecture, web technologies, mobile applications, product strategy, and user experience (UX).  I’ve designed, developed, and lead teams on projects of all sizes: from implementing large-scale enterprise solutions at Fortune 500 companies to acting as a technology adviser at startups.

I am currently Vice-President, Engineering and R&D of Clarus Marketing Group, a Norwest Venture Partners portfolio company focused on providing subscription and loyalty solutions for online retailers.

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Latest Post:

MIX11 Open Call Voting

The MIX11 conference coming up in April has posted the top user-submitted session abstracts and posted them up to the site. Entries were up a whopping 228% this year – a total of 384 entries!  Just over 200 of these have been selected into the pool of Open Call... read more

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